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Automated Analysis & Design of Steel Industrial Buildings

The specifications...

Computer Control Systems is a Greek software company providing products and services exclusively for steel structures. Following the great success of product INSTANT, CCS is introducing to the steelwork market a new series of products called AutoSteel. These programs aim in aniticipating the need for rapid, automated and reliable production of complete studies (analysis report and drawings) for typical steel structures.

The first product in the AutoSteel series is AutoFrame.    

AutoFrame provides the following automated features

Production of model topology (nodes, beams and structural members).

Production of loads, combinations and masses.

Production of connections details.

Static and spectral analysis in 3 dimensions.

Sway frame checks and ultimate limit state checks.

Design checks (EC3) of all members for all load combinations.

Design checks (EC3) of all basic connections for all combinations.

Production of the numerical results report.

Production of general arrangement and connection details drawings.

Additionally AutoFrame links to other software applications:

INSTANT2000(analysis & design of steel structure)

STRUCAD (3d modeller and automatic fabrication drawings)

AutoCAD (All drawings can be converted to DXF)

Word (All reports can be converted to RTF and HTML).