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INSTANT2000 is ...


 A software system for the analysis and design according to Eurocode 3 of 3D steel structures

 Equipped with a modern and user friendly graphical user interface

 Designed and developed by Computer Control Systems SA.


  It concerns all the engineers who design steel structures.

  It answers to all the requirements of steelwork analysis (static, spectral, dynamic) and design checks of any type of steel structure which is composed of beam elements such as :

 - industrial buildings q pylons q hangars
 - multi-storey buildings q pipe racks q bridges
 - trusses q roofs q stairs.

  In Greece it has being available for several years. Until today there are hundreds of installations which have been used in many different steelwork projects built in Greece or abroad. It is exported with great success in many countries of Europe.
  It is developed and supported by Computer Control Systems, the only Greek engineering software company that provides products and services in the domain of steel structures. C.C.S is an ISO9001 certified enterprise for "design/development, installation and support of information technology products and solutions and elaboration of applied mechanics studies"


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