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The World's Leading 3D Structural Steel Detailing System


AceCad is the sole owner and developer of the StruCad detailing system and the StruM.I.S fabrication management system. AceCad complements its leading software titles with a range of products and services that include training, technical support, drawing offices, design offices and a dedicated hardware business. The resulting portfolio is the broadest range of integrated products and services available to the industry. AceCad Software is unique in the steel industry for its range of advanced software systems. Our commitment to providing a complete technological solution has resulted in the most productive software available in the market today. The facility to integrate the full range of products provides our clients with an opportunity to excel in their markets.   


 Main Features:

StruCad puts a unique array of powerful modelling and detailing tools into the hands of draughting professionals - providing the most productive solution for steelwork detailing.


 3D Parametric Solid Modelling
Advanced modelling technology allows structures to be created with speed and accuracy.

 Automatic Connection Detailing

Steelwork connections are effortlessly detailed through the use of advanced parametric tools.

 Automatic Drawing Generation

StruCad automatically produces the drawings and reports required by steelwork fabricators and engineers.


 Industry Integration

Established relationships within the steelwork industry ensure additional productivity gains through integration with recognised steelwork standards.


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