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3D Parametric Solid Modelling


 Advanced modelling technology allows structures to be created with speed and accuracy.

 StruCad offers a choice of modelling technologies for rapid creation of intelligent models.

 The single StruCad modelling environment allows the concurrent use of both wire frames and solid modelling techniques.


 The option of generating a model using wire frame technology allows a structure to be developed rapidly with the benefit of an uncluttered modelling environment.


 Full solid modelling techniques are used to create and view complex structure geometry.


 The virtual reality system provides the facility to view part or all of a structure in fully rendered 3D detail. This tool allows the model to be manipulated for advanced visualisation and checking purposes.

Automatic Connection detailing

 Steelwork connections are effortlessly detailed through the use of advanced parametric tools.


 Strucad automates the process of steelwork detailing via a comprehensive range of parametric connection macros.


 These macros speed up the process of building connections by automatically selecting the modelling appropriate joint components to suit member size and orientation.


 Strucad includes a comprehensive library of connection types that consist of industry standards as well as specialised connections. Using the interactive parametric tools any steelwork connection can be achieved and then be added to the StruCad library for future use.


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