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Automatic Drawing Generation

 StruCad stands apart from other CAD systems through its ability to automatically generate a wide range of accurate drawing and report output completely automatically.

 Each StruCad model contains a database of information that can be used to automatically generate drawings and reports on demand. Once issued, any further alterations to the model are managed by the revision control system and will update drawings and reports automatically.
 The fully functional 2D CAD system allows viewing and printing of the automatic drawing output as well as providing freedom to add further customisation.
StruCad's automatic report output can be passed to the GoData fabrication management system to generate fast and accurate estimates and material orders.


 General arrangements

 Fabrication drawings

 Material lists

 Bolt lists

 Erection drawings

CAM data


CNC Machinery

 The StruCad model contains all the necessary CAM data to control CNC machinery. AceCad's close relationships with CNC equipment manufacturers allow fabricators to make significant productivity gains in the production process.


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